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Kuwait spent $249 million and Gulf companies $3.334 billion on consulting in ’21

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Gulf companies dish out $3.334 billion in past year

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: A report issued by “Source Global Research” shows the size of the consulting market in Kuwait grew by 16% to reach about a quarter of a billion dollars in 2021, specifically USD 249 million, reports Al-Rai daily. The report indicated that the Gulf companies spent $3.334 billion on the consulting market in the past year, which is a huge spending, while the Saudi market is the fastest growing and largest in terms of consulting, as it grew at a rate of 19 percent, to reach $1.791 billion.

The report stated that the consulting market achieved the best performance in 2021 after a challenging year in 2020, noting that government agencies are making efforts to move forward with investment and economic transformation programs across the region – especially in relation to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar and Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia – which has boosted the demand for the consulting market in all respects. The consulting market in the Gulf states witnessed a rapid return to growth, with revenues increasing by 17.7% in 2021.

As for Saudi Arabia, which is the largest and fastest growing consulting market in the Gulf states, the report stated that, with the support of high oil prices, the government continued its commitment to diversify the national economy in line with Vision 2030. Investments ranged from highprofile foreign acquisitions such as Newcastle United Football Club to the development of local infrastructure. The government has also taken steps towards building a smart city on the Red Sea coast poised to become an international hub in the future. These impulses have translated into strong growth in strategic advisory, which It will grow by 25% by 2021.