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Kuwait Speaker supports Riyadh

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 16: In light of the recent Houthi drone attacks Aramco Abqaiq and Hijrat Khurais oil refineries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim, through his Twitter account, affirmed the legislature’s support for the efforts of the Kingdom to maintain its security and stability.

The Speaker asserted that the Kingdom remains strong and impregnable in front of any threat; and that its policies have always been transparent, inclusive and impartial since the days of its founder King Abdulaziz. “Our stance on this particular situation is nothing but a rightful obligation,” added Al-Ghanim.

On the other hand, MP Mohammed Al-Dallaal called on the government to ensure that the country is secure and to quickly establish an authority for crisis management.

Speaking to reporters at the Media Center of the Parliament, he pointed out that recent developments have become the source of worry for people residing in Kuwait; considering the attacks are not that far from Kuwaiti borders, in addition to the recent sighting of a drone on Kuwaiti airspace.

He said these drones are capable of carrying destructive loads and pose a real threat to the security of the country, taking into consideration the nature of political relations with neighboring countries and with tensions rising due to recent developments in the region. He voiced dissatisfaction over the government’s failure to establish an authority for crisis management despite the official statement released by the Parliament on May 21. The country lacks safe zones, shelters and bunkers in residential areas.

Since missiles can reach Saudi Arabia, the country is in dire need of such facilities as similar incidents will recur, he said. Commenting on the sighting of a drone along the coastline of Kuwait City, MP Riyadh Al-Adsani stressed that this is proof of the government’s inadequacy in preparing for such incidents which puts national security at risk. In another development, MP Abdulkareem Al-Kandari called on Minister of Defense Sheikh Nasser Sabah Al-Ahmed and Minister of Interior Lieutenant General Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah to look into the situation of civilian employees in their ministries as these employees are being disregarded by their superiors.

The MP explained that civilian employees in both ministries are being treated like second class compared to their military counterparts as they are being neglected by their superiors when it comes to promotions, bonuses and incentives, and some of them have not receive their excellent performance bonuses for several years. He stressed that the military and civilian employees are pillars of these two ministries and operations will start to deteriorate without the other.

As civilian employees are being overshadowed, the work environment is starting to become repellant to them, he added. Therefore, the MP called for correction of this error and to uphold the rights of all employees based on their productivity.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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