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Kuwait seeks intl roadmap for ‘overhauling education’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21, (KUNA): Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr. Mohammad Al-Fares said on Wednesday that he had asked officials of the World Bank to work out a “a road map” for overhauling the teaching sector in the country. Minister Al-Fares, speaking as he emerged from a meeting with the WB officials, indicated that the discussions dealt with the achievements made over the past years at this level and future schemes.

He added that the talks also addressed obstacles that had emerged in implementing the integrated educational revamp program, namely with respect of teachers’ training and students’ assessment. The minister stated that he asked the WB to work on specifying the Kuwaiti and bank responsibilities in the educational development process and report to him in details by next week.

Meanwhile, Kuwait took part in the 10th session of the GCC meteorological commission during which participants discussed a proposed unified meteorological law.

Khaled Al-Shuaibi, Kuwait’s assistant undersecretary for air navigation, said in a statement on Wednesday that the two-day meeting witnessed discussions on a proposed cooperation strategy in the field (2018-2022).

The participants in the meeting also discussed a GCC-Chinese MoU for cooperation on climatic and weather issues as well as means of benefiting from programs of the International Meteorological Organization.

The conferees examined other topics, namely agricultural monitoring, satellites’ role in weather watch, linkup of the GCC countries’ meteorological departments and earthquake monitoring centers.

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