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Kuwait planning to boost military capabilities – US, GCC states eye boots on the ground against IS

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 5: United States of America has launched an intelligence coordination process with the GCC countries including Kuwait to launch a largescale ground war against DAESH, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting security sources. They revealed that high-level delegation from USA and some of the participating countries in the international coalition against DAESH will make important and intensive visits in the coming days to affirm the willingness of the countries in the region to participate in this operation.

The sources reported that Kuwait welcomed the plan to wage a ground war against DAESH, requesting to develop key points to be agreed upon before the start of this war such as the need for a clear agreement with Russia on the situation in Syria, in addition to taking into account the current Iraqi situation and the preparations for this war.

They revealed that Kuwait will not send soldiers on the ground but will be mainly tasked with providing logistic and intelligence support and providing some military potential on temporary basis for the coalition forces.

The sources indicated that the latest information received so far is related to just the ideas adopted by the USA for implementation on the ground as an experiment and to be carried out by Special Forces such as launching sudden rapid operations in specific places to paralyze the terrorist organization’s movement on the ground.

They also revealed that the United States has asked all countries in the region to prepare for securing internal fronts because ground war might lead to the possibility of a significant increase in the terrorist operations inside these countries. The sources added that the intelligence reports indicate the DAESH organization has asked its elements to move to some countries in order to launch a series of operations in case the coalition countries proceed to wage a ground war against it.

Meanwhile, Kuwait is planning to develop its military capabilities on a large scale in the coming phase based on a recent decision by government to diversify its source of weaponry, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting a reliable government source.

The same source pointed out that government used to acquire weapons solely from the US and the move to develop Kuwait’s military capabilities is founded on repeated crises and conflict erupting in almost all corners of the region, which necessitate increasing weapons deals with many other countries to develop the naval and air command.

The development of military power will happen together with human resource development to ensure strategic balance consistent with other GCC countries, he stressed. He revealed that the State has approved $18 billion in extra budget for arms acquisition, and the deal includes purchase of fighter jets from France, Italy and the US, in addition to advance Russian missile systems and heavy artilleries agreed upon through government’s efforts to upgrade its defense systems.

Also, the government will purchase naval weapons from France to protect its waters, in addition to “Apache” military helicopter from the US to be used mainly in fighting land incursions from the enemy. He pointed out that weapons deals will be officially announced at the appropriate time, although the government has already signed some deals to purchase the “Euro Fighter Jets” from Italy and F-18 Super Hornets from the US.

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