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Kuwait highlights importance of following international law

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NEW YORK, Oct 24, (KUNA): Kuwait affirmed the importance of following in international law and the UN articles to allow the international community to face any security threats.

Kuwait’s Second Secretary Bashar Al-Mowaizri addressing the meeting

Kuwait’s Second Secretary Bashar Al-Mowaizri made the remarks during the meeting of the sixth committee of the UN General Assembly late Thursday. Enhancing the application of the international law is key to protect human rights and equality in conflict zones, he noted.

Al-Mowaizri underlined Kuwait’s democratic constitutional system, which states that the three main authorities are required to cooperate on every level. Moreover, he said that Kuwait exerts great efforts to abide by the international law to protect peace and stability and resolve conflicts peacefully. Meanwhile, the Kuwaiti diplomat spoke of the continuous Israeli violations of the international law, as it continues to expand its illegal settlements on Palestinian lands.

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