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Kuwait food bills among cheapest – 4.38% of average wage

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: Kuwait is the third cheapest country in the world for grocery shopping — 4.38 percent of the average wage, reports gulfbusiness.com. MoveHub published the ranking by using data from Numbeo to show the most expensive and cheapest places in the world to buy a week’s worth of grocery shopping based on the local cost of grocery items compared with local wages.

According to the report, Qatar is the cheapest country for grocery shopping; while Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are among the top six countries. Topping the list of the least costly countries, a weekly grocery shopping in Qatar was found to cost just 2.62 percent of the average pay.

Kuwait came in third position, behind Macao, with 4.38 percent of average wages, while the UAE came fifth (6.5 percent) and Saudi Arabia sixth (6.5 percent). Other countries in the top 10 include Singapore, Luxembourg, the US, Hong Kong and Norway.

The list of most costly countries was led by Uganda, where a weekly grocery shopping was found to cost 275.86 percent of the average wage. Ethiopia came second (257.24 percent), followed by Kenya (215.04 percent) and Zimbabwe (188.8 percent). Also in the top 10 were Myanmar, Nepal, Tanzania, Cambodia, Zambia, and Bangladesh. The remaining GCC countries also ranked among the cheapest in the world, with Oman coming in 15th position (8.94 percent) and Bahrain in 23rd (10.95 percent).

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