Saturday , August 18 2018

Kuwait Finance House ‘rolls out’ four innovative banking services – KFH solidifies leadership in banking technology: Al-Obaid

KUWAIT CITY, June 17: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) unveiled the launch of a range of innovative e-services in the fields of bank accounts and call center in efforts to give customers a stellar banking experience as per highest standards of banking technology, quality, accuracy, security and usability.

“These solutions allow customers to conduct their transactions and perform many banking services in a very modern way using advanced tools.

This emanates from KFH endeavors to improve its baking services through alternative channels, while maintaining its pioneering position in keeping abreast of latest banking technology in order to meet the aspiration of its customers”, said Executive Manager Direct Channels at KFH, Meshal Adnan Al-Obaid.

He added, in a press release, that KFH uniquely launched a first-of-its-kind service named “Call Back Assist”, indicating that at call center peak times, IVR will offer a call back service to customers and system will call them back automatically when their queue is reached. This contributes in reaching every calling customer and maintains KFH service level at peak times.

When customers wish to receive a call back, the system will ask them to insert their phone number; whether it is local or international number and then the system will call them back and transfer the call to the customer service agent whom serves the customer as per highest standards of quality. This enhances the efficiency of the Call Center and increases the customers’ satisfaction level.

Also, KFH launched “ANI” Service. This service provides a choice for a customer to register a trusted mobile number which allows him/her to call Allo Baitak 1803333 service and authorize customer account with 4 digits pin entry only.

Moreover, KFH offered “Favorite Menu” service whereby customers can choose up to 6 services from Allo Baitak 1803333 as his/her favorite menu to be prompted directly when customer calls the service as an authenticated caller.

Al-Obaid added, that KFH offered “Link Accounts” service whereby customers can link several accounts of their own to one ATM card which allows them to use Allo Baitak 1803333 services from single account entry. In addition, KFH customers will be able to withdraw from KFH ATM’s from their linked accounts directly.

He reiterated that KFH spares no efforts in continually improving its banking services and adopting the latest technology to enhance its infrastructure in an attempt to strengthen the bank’s pioneering position and meet customers’ aspirations.

He said that this range of diversified services and solutions affirms KFH commitment towards optimally serving customers, emphasizing that customer service is always a top priority at KFH. KFH exerts unremitting efforts for the sake of improving innovation in its banking services, thus benefiting customers and solidifying its leadership position.

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