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Kuwait cracks Muslim Brotherhood cell – MP hails action

KUWAIT CITY, July 13: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior announced on Saturday clamping down on a terrorist cell of the Muslim Brotherhood Organization’s Egyptian members who had been convicted of terrorism. Members of the cells had been handed down verdicts by the Egyptian judiciary, the MoI said in a press release, indicating that some of the detainees had been sentenced to 15 years behind bars in their home country.

The MoI personnel located whereabouts of the fugitives, who had escaped from the Egyptian authorities to Kuwait, and arrested them. During interrogations, they admitted to carrying out terrorist operations in Egypt. Investigations are proceeding to determine their accomplices, the MoI statement said, warning that it would crack down ruthlessly against saboteurs.

Kuwait is not a safe haven for terrorists and they are not allowed to establish their headquarters here, says MP Riyad Al- Adsani in reaction to the announcement of the Interior Ministry about the arrest of members of a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell sentenced to 15 years in prison by the Egyptian authorities.

Praising the efforts of Kuwaiti security forces, he asserted that the security of the country is above all considerations and the law must be enforced with an iron fist, away from any form of intervention.

The ministry revealed that members of the cell escaped from Egyptian authorities and made Kuwait as their hideout, but the Kuwaiti security forces quickly conducted intense investigations which led to their arrest. Initial Interrogations revealed that the cell carried out terrorism and destabilizing operations in Egypt.

The ministry affirmed that interrogations will continue in order to identify accomplices, especially those who helped them escape and provided them shelter. The ministry stressed it will not tolerate anyone proven to be affiliated with this terrorist cell or other such organizations, warning that it will use an iron fist in dealing with anything which threatens national security.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff and Agencies

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