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Thursday , August 18 2022

Kuwait considered important center for sale and export of Arabian horses

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Price per horse cost 300 rupees at that time

Arabian horses, one of the best breeds in the world due to their speed and stamina

KUWAIT CITY, June 14, (KUNA): Kuwait was considered one of the most important business centers for the sale and export of Arabian horses as opposed to breeders in other countries. The Arabian horses are one of the best breeds in the world due to their speed and stamina and this factor applies both in the past and modern times.

In his book “Pages from the History of Kuwait”, Historian and Writer Yousef Bin Isa Al-Qena’i said that horse trade was popular in the past. Back in the day, Kuwaiti traders took their horses on ships to regional ports such as the one in Basra, Iraq, and then they transferred them to more international destinations such as India’s city of Bombay, currently known as Mumbai, said Al-Qena’i. According to the book “The Kuwait Message” issued by the Center for Research and Studies of Kuwait – Volume V – Travelers James Buckingham (1786-1855) reported that the total of Arabian horses from Kuwait and Basra to the ports of Bombay, Madras and Calcutta in 1816 was 1,500 horses.

He noted that the price per horse amounted to 300 rupees at the time, while the cost of transport and sponsorship to 200 rupees in addition to other expenses incurred by any annual trade of horses in Kuwait was up to 900,000 rupees. As for the sale prices in Bombay was up to 800 rupees, which means that the net profit per horse is 100 rupees. Horses sold in Bengal were worth up to 1,000 rupees.

One of the most known horse dealers in Kuwait in the past was Yusuf Al-Bader Al-Khalid. He was also one of the original owners of horses, who continued to maintain the authenticity and purity of Arabian horses in Kuwait, documenting horses’ names and those who owned and sold.

The Kuwait’s rulers and Sheikhs took care of original Arabian horses and that is evident in the British documents, which confirmed that the late Sheikh Salem Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah gave an original Arabian horse to King George V in 1919 on the occasion of Sheikh Salem’s invitation to attend the celebrations of Britain’s victory in World War I. Sheikh Jaber Al-Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah established Salwa Park in 1954 as a place to entertain citizens, including a stable of authentic Arabian horses.

With the development of life, change of conditions and the introduction of cars spread throughout the country, horse trade has ceased to export abroad with the exception of some individuals who did not stop their passion for Arabian horses breeding and trading

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