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Kuwait Coast Guard refuses to help … firm charges KD 60 for rescue, no receipt

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: Several small boat owners, including fishing trawlers have complained that when they send distress calls to the Kuwait Coast Guard, it is no more the same like before, reports Al-Qabas daily.

One of the complainants, who have posted a video clip said he called the Coast Guard when he was at sea and needed help because his family was with him.

A patrol boat that answered the call told him to call a company which has been allegedly ‘hired’ to do the job. “After contacting the company, another boat arrived and demanded KD 60 to tow the boat to the shore which was about one kilometer in mid-sea from the coast. “Nonetheless,” the man said, “When I asked for a receipt from the people aboard the rescuing boat they not only refused, but left us in the midst of the sea.”

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