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Kuwait calls for abstaining from vetoing humanitarian issues

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NEW YORK, June 7 (KUNA) — Kuwait has called for refraining from using veto in humanitarian issues such as allowing urgent humanitarian aid to civilians, medical evacuations and imposing a humanitarian truce.
Kuwait’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi made the remarks Thursday night in an open debate on the working methods of the Security Council, which was organized by Kuwait in its current membership of the Security Council to improve the work making it more transparent.
It has been a year and a half since Kuwait took over the chairmanship of the Security Council Informal Working Group on Documentation and Other Procedural Questions (IWG) with many proposals made by Member States, Al-Otaibi said.
IWG held 15 formal and informal meetings in which many issues relating to the working methods were discussed, including Member States’ proposals.
Al-Otaibi appreciated many of the Member States supporting IWG since Kuwait took over the presidency, especially former non-permanent members.
Improving working methods is crucial to carry out responsibilities in maintaining international peace and security and there have been many improvements over the past 25 years, in procedures, methods, especially after the end of the Cold War, he said.
Communication between the Council and non-member countries, other UN organs such as the General Assembly and the increase of official meetings are clear improvements, Al-Otaibi explained.
Improvements to the Security Council, non-permanent members and other initiatives launched by many groups and States within the framework of the intergovernmental negotiations on Security Council reform.
Kuwait is among the signatories to the UN Security Council Code of Conduct, in which member states of the Security Council undertake not to object to draft resolutions that deal with crimes against humanity, genocide and war corruptions, Al-Otaibi said.
The open debate, attended by 37 countries, follows Kuwait’s first open debate on the subject, which Kuwait has chaired since joining the Security Council since January 2018.

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