Saturday , November 18 2017

Kuwait aims at qualitative rationalization, not ‘round-up’ in manpower management

Dr Khalid Mahdi

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 29: The Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning, Dr Khalid Mahdi has ended the controversy of demographics, stating that Kuwait does not seek to reduce expatriate labor, but is working seriously to achieve qualitative rationalization, in the sense that Kuwait will only employ labor that add value to the state economy, and that we do not have marginal employment that is a burden on the State and its infrastructure, reports Al-Rai daily.

Mahdi said the problem is not at all in a foreigner in Kuwait, but in seeking the skilled and trained labor not the marginal employees. He added the recruitment of expatriate labor is necessary and logical to keep pace with the large-scale development plan, which requires hundreds of thousands of workers to implement it, provided the manpower is technically qualified and trained. He pointed out that one year ago he had announced that between 120,000 and 140,000 workers will enter Kuwait as needed for development and strategic construction projects that need skilled labor of high quality.

“We have no problem in Kuwait to retain skilled labor and transfer them between projects, and what we seek and one of our priorities in the development plan to retain skilled workers to transfer knowledge and expertise and to strengthen the technical capabilities of the national workforce, with mechanisms to deal with them in the labor market,” he said. “Kuwait is distinguished by laws that safeguard rights of laborers and abide by the relevant international conventions and laws,” Mahdi said

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