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KOC seeks to improve infrastructure to increase gas exploration & production

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KUWAIT CITY, Sept 22: The Executive Vice President for Gas and Innovation at the Kuwait Oil Company, Bader Al-Munifi, said natural gas is a vital component of the global energy mix, and is considered one of the best sources of energy for Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily.

Al-Munifi’s was speaking at the conference and exhibition of gas manufacturers in the Gulf states that was held at the Regency Hotel recently, during which he indicated that in light of the strategic directives of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, KOC seeks to rehabilitate the infrastructure to increase the exploration and production of natural gas in all fields of Kuwait, especially for non-associated gas (free) in Jurassic reservoirs. He added that the gas reservoirs consist of narrow and deep geological layers, which may reach 18,000 feet, and they are complex and costly to drill, because of high pressure and high acidity.

Al-Munifi pointed out that the transfer and distribution of gas through the KOC network requires the company to take advantage of the flexibility of gaseous fuel pipeline networks, and manage its fluctuating pressures through its gas boosting stations under successful technical management to meet the requirements of the refining sector and then the consumer sector. He said, “With these challenges in mind, in addition to the unexpected dynamic fluctuations of the gas markets, we must set plans with a fixed path, and clear objectives for the development of this wealth and to achieve optimal exploitation economically and environmentally to ensure an optimal value chain for natural gas in Kuwait.”

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