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Thursday , March 21 2019

KNEC Strikers silence Original Pin Killers, Air Safari tame ‘X’ Strikers

PBAK 2018 General Members’ Cup Team Tournament

Photo taken during the PBAK 2018 General Members’ Cup Team Tournament

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 7: Registering three winning streaks and snatching the third weekly high series (3214), Kuwait National Exchange Co team surged from fourth to second place after they murdered the Original Pin Killers 3339- 2666 while Asian Air Safari cleaved the “X” Strikers 3020- 2756 and heaved from eight to fifth position thus joining the “Magic 6” in the third elimination week of the 2017-2018 Philippine Bowling Associations in Kuwait General Members’ Cup Team Tournament at the COZMO Bowling Center in Kheifan.

The other four winning teams were NUSANTARA, Swooping Eagles, Al Qassem All Stars and Cozmo Bowling Team. Part of the PBAK transformation this season, teams contending to the championship round, it will be limited to six instead of the usual eight teams and it will increase the cash prizes for the champion and runners-up. For lower and rated teams, to be more competitive and keep chances high, the team captain must remind his teammate to refrain from truancy or tardiness during scheduled games.

Team practice must be developed at least once or twice a week to enhance consistency and immense fighting spirit to score big points aside from the huge handicap for every game. The clash of the rated teams KNEC Strikers and Original Pin Killers witnessed a dismaying game when the latter played again with a depleted line up resulted to a murderous matched up in their 3-game series 1013- 912, 1174- 849, 1027- 905.

The Exchange King posted its 3-week successive win and now holding the second place while OPK down to ninth position from seventh place. KNEC team fantastic bowlers were Ibrahim Dubayan 181, 257, 241 (679), Ali Al Qattan 202, 263, 183 (648), Mohammad Karam (565), Neveen Wazel (555) and Feras Al Muhareb (512) while Original Pin Killers trio were Rashid Aker Ali (602), Ishaaq Al Waahid (487) and Christopher Bush (467).

Playing without superstar bowlers, “X” Strikers survived destruction and very fortunate winning Game 2 with just three pins (955-952). The Asian Air Safari playing with just four bowlers but two of which were prolific scorers won Game 1 (1009- 952) and Game 3 (984- 833) and the final score was 3020- 2756.

Asian Air Safari top scorers were Aseel Al Roomi 241, 197, 239 (677), Basil Al Enezi 192, 225, 186 (603) followed by Maricel (470), Salem Hajras (381) and Camilo Baker (159) while “X” Strikers top scorer was Joe Presenta (510) assisted by Rocky Castil (431), Bima Nitikusumo (313), Abel Nitikusumo, Chris Carungay, Reygan Percy and Imelda Daguio.

The supposedly laudable encounter between the two flying beasts, Swooping Eagles and mystical Haribon showed a sluggish fight. The impaired Haribon Slazers showed no repulsion and was tamed like an ordinary chicken in their 3-game series 1034- 856, 938- 928, 955- 900 (3027- 2684).

With the win, the Swooping Eagles advance to eight from ninth place while Slazers was ejected from the Top 6. Swooping Eagles top scorer was Glen Corbitt (598) assisted by Alonzo Bush (533), Riz Roque (469), Mona Corpuz (411) and Jessica Balagat (394) while Haribon Slazers high scorer was Moises Amahan (512), followed by Rudy De Lima (488), Sonia Mathews (486) and Joel Tizon (415).

The collision between the steadfast NUSANTARA and frivolous Pongky Strikers after the second game, the later was ahead of sixty four points but in the third game through the exalted games of the Gantosori couple the Indonesian team dominated Pongky team 1032- 932 thus winning the game, 2840- 2753. Nusantara’s highest pointer was Ali Al Qassem (566), followed by Gantosori Tanjung (500), Erlissa Gantosori (443), Saleh Al Faraj (438) and Razak Abdullah (411) while Pongky Strikers top scorer was Gener Calingasan (512), followed by Adolfo Prena (418), Imelda Calingasan (417), Jhon Narvasa, Cathy Fernandes and Mohammad Othman.

With the win-lose results, the Nusantara uphold the sixth position while Pongky Strikers move one step forward. Finally, top rank Al Qassem All Stars easily demolished their weakling counterpart Angelfire 3040- 2364 with Ibrahim Al Jadi substantial points 218, 238, 183 (639) and another colossus of the tournament the Cozmo team wrecked the new team SKARZ 2993- 2574.

Week Team Weekly High Series Score
1 Al Qassem All Stars 3001
2 Al Qassem All Stars 3165
3 Kuwait National Exchange 3214

Third Round Standing: 1. Al Qassem All Stars (9456); 2. KNEC Strikers (9183); 3. COZMO Bowling Team (9015); 4. ‘‘X’’ Strikers (8686); 5. Asian Air Safari (8574); 6. NUSANTARA (8533.5); 7. Haribon Slazers (8532); 8. Swooping Eagles (8474); 9. Original Pin Killers (8220); 10. Pongky Strikers (8076); 11. SKARZ Team (7905); and 12. Top & above: Photos taken during the PBAK 2018 General Members’ Cup Team Tournament. Angelfire (7008).

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