Monday , December 17 2018

KIPIC organizes first walkathon – Huge turnout in 4km race

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19: KIPIC’s Financial Group organized a 4-km walkathon which started at Kuwait Science Club (KSC) with the participation of a large number of employees.

The walkathon coincided with the launching of an integrated health program.

The program includes a health challenge for employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle, as well as encouraging them to maintain the ideal body weight.

It also offers specialized courses on dealing with corporate pressure and creating a healthy work environment.

KIPIC has offered the Kuwait Science Club (KSC) visitors a national model, symbolizing the name of Kuwait, as part of the celebrations of the National Days. The walkathon was a great idea as it reflected concern for employees’ health and safety, said Deputy CEO for Al-Zour Refinery Hatem Al-Awadhi.

“The response was remarkable as a huge number of employees took part in the walkathon,” Al-Awadhi, who himself participated in the event, added. He called for organizing more of such sports events.

The walkathon aimed to raise employees’ awareness on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and improve relations in a relaxing atmosphere; away from the hustle and bustle of routines in the workplace, Financial Group Manager Hadeer Al-Husseini explained.

Turnout exceeded expectations and this is a manifestation of cohesion among the staff, Al-Husseini added. “The top management’s participation demonstrated their commitment to ensure the success of such activities,” she stated.

Senior accountant at the Financial Group Nada Al-Qaoud affirmed the walkathon was the first of its kind. She said the event was aimed at encouraging the company’s staff to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“Interaction was remarkable and everyone enjoyed the event,” she added.

Abdulaziz Al-Bader, the trainer who delivered a lecture at the event and led the walkathon participants, thanked KIPIC for organizing the event while lauding the enthusiastic response of the staff.

He said he was keen on imparting knowledge on the importance of observing the healthy way of sitting, benefits of drinking a lot of water, and the necessity to take a break every two hours at work.

Power engineer Abdullah Al-Humoud, who competed in the walkathon, stressed the significance of the event, saying: “There is a need to encourage employees to practice sports, especially walking considering its physical and psychological benefits.”

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