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Tuesday , September 17 2019

KIPCO, other firms hold CSR seminar, workshop – Forum aims to help Kuwaiti charitable organizations improve sponsorship exposure and fundraising capabilities

Company representatives and experts at the two day social responsibility seminar and workshop at KIPCO headquarters in Kuwait City on March 21.
Company representatives and experts at the two day social responsibility seminar and workshop at KIPCO headquarters in Kuwait City on March 21.

KUWAIT CITY, March 21: KIPCO Monday kicked off a two day social responsibility seminar and workshop in cooperation with some of Kuwait’s leading companies in the private sector at its KIPCO Tower headquarters. The seminar and workshop titled “Creating Partnership for a Better Society” started March 21 and will end March 22, 2016.

In her opening address, the head of Corporate Social Responsibility for KIPCO Abeer Al Omar, said Kuwait, KIPCO and the subsidiaries have had an initiative to have a CSR forum for Kuwaiti NGOs four years ago inviting some of the big economic movers who play a big role in supporting different causes in society.

The companies include Zain Communications, Equate Petrochemical Company, National Bank of Kuwait and Al Rai Media Group as well as Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences to be partners with KIPCO in this forum. “I must say that the NGOs here and the humanitarian work they are doing because of their belief and the beliefs of their leaders in the importance of humanitarian work which consists of different social support in society. This is not something new to Kuwait and its people. Humanitarian work has always been part of the Kuwaiti psyche and has developed through the years as society has developed”.  The humanitarian work in the current days has become a civilization mark for the communities working for solidarity between its people.

These societies become better as the people become better and they do more humanitarian works with the people and the companies. “The NGOs believe in the causes of society that helps the development of society. KIPCO in this development forum will take our responsibility and give our efforts to implement the goals of the forum. From this forum we are very keen to be today under this umbrella of KIPCO for the sustainable development to meet the different partners in society who contribute in the social and humanitarian work to give a fair chance to all to discuss closely in these discussion panels to implement in our workshop for all the projects that they are doing and the partnerships that are in the best interests of the society”.

To continue the work of the corporate social responsibility and sustainability the organizers have from the United Kingdom, Dr Jim Ormen who is an expert in sustainable development. He works as an expert for Article 13. In the last decade he has worked in many places in Europe and Middle East and MENA region helping the NGOs to develop strategies to handle the problems and causes that are relevant to their work and to their stakeholders. Miss Sandra Adani who is an expert in sustainability and policies has been working in this field for more than nineteen years, dedicating her career life to sustainable development. She has an MA in International Management from London University. “I wish everybody benefits from this forum, thank you”. On day one at the workshop, the discussion panel 1 had KAMCO, American University of Kuwait, Burgan Bank and KIPCO coming together as a syndicated discussion panel with each company doing a brief introduction followed by a discussion and Q&A from the members of the audience.

KIPCO’s Protégé program was the next focus of the seminar with its introduction and background being given.

Discussion panel 2 comprised Equate, National Bank of Kuwait, AlRai Media Group, Zain and KIPCO. A brief introduction from each representative was given then followed by a discussion panel and Q&A from the members of the audience.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) driven forum titled “Creating Partnership for a Better Society” will include a workshop dedicated to helping Kuwaiti charitable organizations improve their sponsorship exposure and fundraising capabilities. The workshop will also serve as a learning curve for local organizations by providing insight and advice towards approaching and communicating with companies within the private sector.

Select KIPCO Group subsidiaries which include KAMCO Investment Company, the American University of Kuwait and Burgan Bank, will participate in the first panel discussion about the cooperation between non-governmental organizations and companies within the private sector. The panel discussion will address some of the important issues related to both NGOs and the private sector in order to establish new partnerships and strengthen current ones.

The second panel discussion will involve the four non-KIPCO group companies previously mentioned in partnership the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, to discuss their roles in improving and developing the community through a variety of CSR activities. The panel discussion will cover the companies’ accumulated years of experience and knowledge in implementing socially responsible activities at times with the support of NGOs.

Agenda for day 2 and final day of the workshop will mainly comprise building partnerships, measuring social impact and setting targets. And that will be followed by a summary and plenary discussion and Q&A to close the event.

The “Creating Partnerships for a Better Society” workshop is free of charge to all participating organizations, but due to space limitations, attendance at the event is by invitation only.

By Iddris Seidu – Arab Times Staff


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