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Saturday , April 20 2019

‘KGAC must give more time before destroying parcels’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 4: The Kuwait General Administration of Customs (KGAC) and the concerned committee follow all local and international procedures, regulations and conventions stipulated in the Universal Postal Union (UPU) laws when it comes to destroying parcels, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting an official source from the postal sector.

The source added, according to the KGAC there are about 9,000 unclaimed parcels in the delivery section which occupies much of the space. The source explained the parcels that will be sold or destroyed arrived in Kuwait either without an address from the country of origin or the addresses of the recipients are incomplete and others have not come forward to receive in spite of them being notified.

Activists and citizens interacted with the announcement of KGAC regarding the sorting of postal parcels for sale through auction.

The sources pointed out the auction takes place only for goods confiscated from all outlets, collected in a warehouse and sold after approvals, if did not meet the prevailing conditions, adding the sale of parcels is strange.

They demanded through the social networking websites to give time for the owners of the parcels to collect them before they are being destroyed and an announcement made in the Official Gazette. They said the process of opening the parcels by customs is illegal and it should be done by a committee comprising members from the KGAC, Interior and Justice ministries.

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