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KFH trains Kuwait employees to manage Group units – Project launched to build national leaderships and endorse horizontal promotional system

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 19: KFH Group CEO Mazen Al-Nahedh emphasized the significance of investment in the development of human resources of Kuwaiti youth working at KFH and develop their capabilities to create a generation of leaders who are able to bear their responsibilities and lead next development stages. KFH has several promising opportunities to expand based on a highly qualified and trained human resources base.

Al-Nahedh emphasized during a meeting with a group of new recruits who are enrolled in the training program “Fursa” that KFH provides all support to the development and training of human resources to better serve the market in general and achieve development in various economic fields. This matter is considered as a national and social duty as development in national economy requires the training of highly distinguished experts who are able to deal with the market movement products, diversity technology expansion and openness to global markets.

The strategic objective of the training program at KFH aim to take employees’ performance to global levels which cope with KFH business in several markets and countries worldwide, provide them with expertise and skills that would enable them to work in more than one field and have knowledge about the movement of global markets and the development of banking systems and business in Islamic finance business.

They are expected also to apprehend the most significant technical, administrative, organizational and regulatory aspects related to the aforementioned issues. He indicated that the career development opportunities at KFH have changed and are no longer limited to the natural graduation from a certain administrative level to a higher level. In fact it carried the advantages of moving from one market to another and from one group unit to another, thus gathering between the horizontal and vertical promotional systems among the group units. The above represents an enrichment of the employees experience and professional knowledge and an enhancement of the leadership spirit among Kuwaiti Youth globally.

Al-Nahedh urged all trainees to exert their efforts, stating that the key to success is to work hard and seek to achieve self- development, face challenges and hold on to the elements of success and the ability to face challenges based on knowledge, occupational development, practical performance and full view and apprehension of all aspects of work, thus indicating that KFH is construed as a major opportunity to achieve these goals based on the geographical diversity.

Al-Nahedh indicated that the employee shall always remain in the state of continuous learning and training to achieve self-development in all aspects of work and achieve development in administrative levels. Employee shall also acquire more skills when on duty. Accordingly, theoretical training in halls and practical training among customers and in service locations shall eventually create a significant functional element if the employee succeeds in apprehending the advantages and characteristics of all types of training.

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