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KFH announces launch of new e-service for customers – Unique service allows clients constant monitoring of banking accounts: Al Obaid

Meshal Al Obaid
Meshal Al Obaid

KUWAIT CITY, June 25: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) announced today the successful launch of a new e-service which allows KFH customer subscribed to KFH’s SMS Baitak notification service to receive Push message-type notifications — in addition to the regular SMS notifications — onto their smartphones. KFH’s e-Banking customers who are also SMS Baitak subscribers will be able to register to — and receive — the Push messages for free via the KFH Online Smartphone app, and will also be able to receive and view the Push messages using the smartphone apps.

Moreover, as the Push messaging feature is now part of the modern smartphone’s programming, customers will always be able to receive their banking Push messages as long as their device is connected to the internet. This means that customers will now no longer require any SIM card to be inserted in their smartphones.

Further to this announcement, Meshal Al Obaid, Executive Manager of the Alternative Delivery Channels Department at KFH, said that the Push notifications service is considered to be the first of its kind among the Banking sector in Kuwait, and is considered to be a new development aimed to better serve KFH’s customers, as well as a technological innovation that is both secure to use and easy to enroll. Customers who have already subscribed to KFH’s highly useful SMS Baitak notifications service can now also activate the Push notifications themselves via the KFH online banking app. Alternatively, customers can also call the Allo Baitak Contact Center on 180 3333 for assistance on how to subscribe and activate the Push notifications.

“This new service was brought about after a careful study of the market, and the customers’ needs and requirements, as well as acknowledging that our customers increasingly more reliant on internet connectivity and banking services that come with them. This has directed us to cater this service to address our customers’ needs, as well as to utilize the technologies that most customers use, such as Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems” Al Obaid added.

He continued “KFH will continue to upgrade and improve its technological service offerings in an effort to become the best and most technologically advanced bank in the area, using the highest and most advanced specifications and developments in both banking and innovation.”

Al Obaid clarified that of the various uses of this new Push service is its ability to tie-in the customers who are already subscribed to SMS Baitak with their banking accounts at KFH — using the KFHOnline smartphone app and an internet connection, the customers would be able to receive push notifications on any balance change to their accounts, both in Kuwait and overseas, instantly and without the need for any SIM. This makes the subscribers completely covered for notifications, whether they’re using a Kuwaiti or non-Kuwaiti SIM card, or none at all, as long as there is an internet connection, customers will continue to be in touch with their banking accounts all the time. Moreover, customers have the choice of receiving either an SMS notification by itself, or both an SMS and a Push Notifications message together.

Al Obaid further gave assurances that KFH is currently reviewing many other technologies that can be incorporated into innovative, comprehensive, safe and simple e-banking service. He stressed that this new Push notification service is only the beginning, and that KFH had been — and will always be — a pioneer of innovative banking services and products that address the needs of people from all walks of life, and will continue to impress everyone with its technological deployments.

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