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KEPS warns against anti-environ acts during national days’ festivities

Authority plans to conduct inspections to uncover violations: EPA

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18, (Agencies): Kuwait Environment Protection Society (KEPS) on Saturday called for abstaining from transgressing on the environment during the national days’ celebrations.

Jenan Bahzad, the society general secretary, indicated in a statement that she was making the appeal for public restraint after monitoring some erratic behaviors — harmful to the environment recently.

Some people have dumped plastic bottles, bags and balloons in the sea waters and on the beaches, she said, reminding the public that 30 percent of the turtles and 70 percent of the sea birds are harmed by such littering. She has also indicated that a number of campers have been leaving behind various unwanted and used items such as pieces of furniture in the desert.

Waste management is costing the state $ 255 million per year, said Bahzad, also mentioning various other harmful acts to the environment such as over-grazing and erratic driving. Moreover, during the national celebrations, water sufficient for 14,000 residential units per day are wasted.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director for Technical Affairs at the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Muhammad Al-Enezi has unveiled the authority’s plan to conduct continuous inspections to uncover environmental violations in conjunction with Kuwait Municipality, reports Al-Rai daily.

In his interview with the daily, he gave reassurance on the condition of the environment in the country; affirming that everything is under control especially after the enforcement of the new Environment Protection Act. He affirmed this move curbed violations and activated control and follow-up mechanisms for all environmental elements in the country, although “it does not mean there are no flaws.” He revealed the authority set up new regulations for complexes, markets, restaurants and cafés particularly those serving ‘shisha’.

He explained this entails a comprehensive campaign targeting such places, in addition to payment of charges for engaging in the activity (serving ‘shisha’) as per the conditions. He said the authority issued 2,500 citations for various violations since the enforcement of the new Environment Protection Act; in addition to the collection of fines amounting to KD 150,000. He clarified the objective of the authority is to ensure that the message, “Every environmental violation has a price,” reaches everyone rather than collecting money or imposing penalties like imprisonment and fine.

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