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KCCI in round table discussion with ILO on protecting workers

KCCI in a meet with representatives of construction and contracting companies

KUWAIT CITY, April 25: Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) held a roundtable discussion in collaboration with the International Labor Organization Regional Office in Beirut. The discussion revolved around suitable practices that will contribute to protect the workers in housing and construction sector. Representatives of construction and contracting companies registered with KCCI attended the event, especially those in vocational operation, human resources, and health.

The meeting shed light on ILO’s initiative to better the conditions of workers in housing and building sector, and the initiative if successful, will be implemented in all other sectors.

The discussion also pointed to the keen attention ILO gives during the trial period of projects in the construction sector of Kuwait, which includes more than 1,400 buildings and constitutes 11.6 percent of the Kuwaiti labor force. In addition, the discussion explained the level of interest that follows the conditions and wellbeing of the labor force working in housing and construction sector, and that 2.78 million of manpower perish annually due to diseases and injuries sustained at work, while 313 million workers suffer from injuries and diseases sustained through the work environment.

According to ILO, days lost on account of the above mentioned instances are about 4 percent of the World Group Product, which recorded about $80 trillion in 2017 as per the estimates of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This means the world loses about $3 trillion annually, let alone the compensation of damages incurred in the process. The discussion was also attended by a group of experts from the International Labor Organization (ILO) who shed light on the ILO initiative on the possible means of supporting employers in this regard. In an unrelated development,

Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs in the Ministry of Education Yousef Al-Najar disclosed the sector is on the verge of signing a contract for maintenance, renovation and construction works in the schools and buildings of Jahra Education Area, reports Al-Rai daily. Al-Najar noted the total value of the contract is KD 6.426 million — an addition of 28.5 percent to the basic contract value of KD 5 million. He urged the Undersecretary of State Audit Bureau to review and provide information concerning correctness of value of the contract. He also revealed the ministry is planning to hire some buses with drivers to transport students within Farwaniya, Hawalli and Capital governorates, in addition to special education schools and religious institutes. The contract is valued at KD 9.304 million with additional 21 percent covering KD 444,388 above the basic value of KD 8,860,416. The contract takes effect from April 11 and it’s valid for three years.

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