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Monday , January 30 2023

Judiciary positions in Kuwait no longer dominated by men

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KUWAIT CITY, July 18: The Kuwait’s Public Prosecutor appointed 8 Kuwaiti women in the position of ‘judge’ as a historical precedent in the State to appoint female judges in this position which remained solely dominated by men before it becomes available for women today.

Kuwait took preparatory steps in 2012 when the Supreme Judicial Council issued a resolution to accept the Kuwaiti women presented to hold the Prosecutor’s position, then the issuance of then Kuwaiti Minister of Justice, Yacoub Al-Sanea in 2014 to appoint 62 prosecutors; including 22 female prosecutors who are expected to become judges in the current year.

On this historic occasion, the Kuwait Society for Human Rights expresses its great pleasure at the feminist movement in Kuwait which aims at engaging women in all the organs of state without any discrimination between women and men.

This movement is not solely leaded by women, rather it is leaded by the civil society as well, since the society is implementing a project in cooperation with the Middle East Partnership Initiative with a view to enhance the equality between both genders in the Kuwaiti society, and contribute in the woman’s obtainment of all her rights, or what we may call “Integration”.

The activities of this project include the issuance of an analytical study on the rights of women in Kuwait in the frame of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).

The study concluded that the woman’s assignment of judiciary positions is irrelevant to the requirement of masculinity, in terms of jurisprudence and law, which is in consistent with the provisions of the constitution, public interest, developments of Kuwaiti public order’s nature, change of the circumstances of society; which becomes to understand in its majority the work of woman in all the fields, since the Kuwaiti woman’s capability of reaching to the ministries and working in the Department of Fatwa and Legalization with a percentage of 42 % becomes a legal presumption of her ability of assuming the positions of judiciary.

The study also recommended to activate the experience established by the Kuwaiti project with regard to the Kuwaiti woman’s assignment of positions in the Public Prosecution after the end of required period of service in the Public Prosecution fixed at six years, which will help the next generations of Kuwaiti females to assign the judiciary positions.

Women can actively participate in any position which they are holding, since through the woman’s position as Deputy Public Prosecutor, they were able to commence the works of investigations and crimes, moving to the crimes and incidents scenes, inspection of dead bodies, performing of investigations in cases, supervising the election process, municipality councils, and implementing the post-election counting.

This success, which is achieved today, shall give a push to the responsible authorities in order to increase the participation of women on a general basis. The society considers that it is important to establish a National Council for Women which should comprise those who are keen on the woman’s affairs, since it shall be consulted before agreeing on any draft law or legalization, or any draft organizing resolution related to any of the Kuwaiti women relevant rights or duties

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