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Thursday , April 22 2021

Jordanian woman on family visa caught begging – Fake cops in several robberies

KUWAIT CITY, June 20: A Jordanian lady in her early 30s residing in the country on her husband’s sponsorship was arrested in Riqqa area for begging. The woman was accompanied by her teenage daughter, and security operatives referred them to concerned authorities for necessary legal action. Steps have since been taken to call their sponsor for necessary investigation and legal procedures.

Fake cops held: The Farwaniya police have arrested two young Kuwaitis, identified as N.M. and M.S, for impersonating police and committing several thefts, says a press release issued by the Ministry of Interior. A security source said the arrest came after police received several complaints from victims from various parts of the country.

The source added intensive investigations led to the arrest of the suspects, who during interrogation, are said to have admitted to committing eight thefts which were registered against unknown persons.

The source added M.S. was also wanted by law in financial charges of KD 22,971 and KD 640 respectively and had been sentenced in absentia in a drugrelated crime.

The source said N.M. has admitted to committing more than one crime including breaking into a laundry while M.S. has admitted to stealing two cars which have been seized by the police. The ‘thieves’ have been referred to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Distillation equipment found in one of the fact
Distillation equipment found in one of the fact

Two liquor factories busted
Police officers from Ahmadi Security Command raided two local liquor factories operated by five Asians in Mahboulah and Wafra. During the raid, the officers found several barrels filled with liquor, distilling tools and cartons of water bottles containing liquor ready for sale.

According to security sources, information given by secret sources to Director of Ahmadi Security Command Brigadier Abdullah Saffaah revealed a group of Asians have transformed their apartment in Mahboulah into a liquor factory and others used an animal pen in Wafra for the same purpose.

In compliance with the directive of Saffaah, the two areas were put under surveillance to verify the information.

Immediately after verification, the officers, equipped with proper documentations from the Public Prosecution, raided both liquor dens.

In Mahboulah, the officers found 51 barrels of liquor and five people were arrested, while in Wafra, 260 barrels and 352 bottles were found, in addition to a bottle of important liquor.

The five individuals together with the confiscated items were referred to the concerned authorities where necessary measures have been taken against t

By Mishal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff

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