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Jail, fine for 2 Kuwaitis in anchor libel lawsuit – Bodybuilder acquitted

KUWAIT CITY, March 6: The Misdemeanor Court delivered judgments ranging from jail term and fines against two citizens charged for defaming the presenter Saleh Al-Rashid. The verdicts were based on petitions filed on behalf of the plaintiff by lawyer Maryam Al-Bahar. In the first case, the court fined the first suspect KD 2000 for allegedly posting comments deemed offensive to Al-Rashid via a bogus Instagram account. The court referred civil aspect of the case to the concerned court of jurisdiction. In the second case, the second suspect was sentenced to three years in prison with hard labor and KD 300 bond for suspension of execution on the accusation of threatening Al-Rashid via social media. Lawyer Al-Bahar is determined to continue seeking huge compensations for her client due to psychological and financial damages he incurred, adding different courts have been handling other cases related to the defamation of her client’s character.

Bodybuilder acquitted: The Criminal Court acquitted a bodybuilder who was accused of possessing methamphetamine for consumption purpose and of driving under the influence of the banned drug which led him to crash into a wall and break into the sitting room of a Kuwaiti family’s house. The Public Prosecution had pressed the above charges against the suspect following a report by the arresting officer who searched the suspect at the accident scene and discovered the above mentioned drug. The defense counsel Lawyer Abdulmohsen Al-Qattan stressed the invalidation of the arrest and search procedures due to violation of the provisions of the law and lack of incriminating evidences against his client.

Decision upheld: The Court of Appeal upheld First Instance Court’s decision and acquitted a citizen of possessing illegal brain stimulants. The citizen was arrested after a traffic accident on the Seventh Ring Road, because he appeared to be intoxicated. The Public Prosecution charged the citizen together with another person for the possession of illegal brain stimulants for consumption following the arrest, especially as they could not to provide necessary documents allowing them to consume the substance. Testimony of the arresting officer indicates his patrol team pulled up after spotting two cars involved in a minor accident, and while he was listening to the statements of the motorists, the accused appeared to be intoxicated. This prompted the officer to conduct precautionary search on him and recovered brain stimulants. Representing the accused, Attorney Esmat Kharboutli maintained the arrest and search were conducted on illegal grounds, given that the officer had no warrant for that purpose.

Dud cheque issued: The Court of First Instance ordered an Egyptian expatriate to pay a sum of KD 6,543 that he owed a company. Representing the company was Lawyer Zainab Al-Ramzi who explained that the company sold a quantity of its products to their Egyptian client who paid for the products by giving a cheque. However, the cheque bounced when the company representative tried to cash it. The company eventually resorted to the court and asked it to obligate the Egyptian to pay the amount he owed it as well as the legal fees.

Man not guilty: The Criminal Court chaired by Counselor Saoud Al-Sane’a acquitted a person accused of possessing hashish for consumption and sale purposes. The case file indicates an officer intercepted the accused in Salwa area while he was seated in a car parked in front of a residential building. The suspect was allegedly arrested in a disoriented state. In his defense, lawyer Muhammad Khalil Al-Qattan argued the search and arrest of his client was unjustified. Moreover, a gun supposedly found on him during arrest was nothing more than a lighter in the form of a gun.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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