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Monday , February 17 2020

Jail, deportation for ex-MP Duwaila; Syrian acquitted for kidnapping and robbery with violence

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: The Federal High Court of the United Arab Emirates sentenced former MP Mubarak Al-Duwaila in absentia to five-year imprisonment and deportation after completing the term. He was accused of exploiting religion to incite crisis in a manner detrimental to the national unity and social ladder. He purportedly spread false information by claiming that the UAE was hostile to the Sunni Muslim sect. The court’s decision was based on the information presented by the UAE Prosecutor General Salem Saeed Kubaesh who stressed that the defendant made the controversial statement on Kuwait’s Al- Majlis Channel during an interview. Al-Duwaila was believed to have referred to the Muslim Brotherhood Group in a veiled reference to the Sunni Muslim sect and the UAE has classified the Muslim Brotherhood Group as a terrorist group. The UAE is planning to submit Al-Duwaila’s name to the Interpol for his arrest in order to serve the jail term. Attorney Mohsen Al-Mutairi clarified that Kuwaiti Interpol cannot extradite him based on the constitution. He explained that the law prohibits extradition of a citizen to another country. This can only be possible if Al-Duwaila travels to any country that has such an agreement with United Arab Emirates.

Syrian acquitted: The Criminal Court acquitted a Syrian of impersonating a police officer with the rank of captain. The court also refrained from issuing its ruling on charges of forgery, kidnapping and robbery with violence, but obliged the defendant to sign a pledge of good conduct.

According to the case files, the Syrian was arrested in Farwaniya when a police patrol demanded for his identification card as he presented a fake card. The officers noticed he tried to return the fake card and hand over the original. Upon inspection, the officers found pictures of the defendant in a police uniform with the rank of captain in the Interior Ministry. He also had in his possession a mobile phone, some cash and fake identification documents.

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