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Jail, bail for woman pretender

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: The Misdemeanor Court sentenced a man, who pretended to be a woman, to three month imprisonment with bail payment of KD 500 to suspend the sentence. He was convicted of seizing the victim’s merchandise, including watches and valuable bags, via his Instagram account. Representing the victim was Lawyer Elaf Khalil Al-Saleh who explained that the defendant seized from her client three expensive watches and five bags of famous brands after reaching an agreement with him to sell the goods through his Instagram website.

The defendant communicated with her on WhatsApp as a woman. After he received the aforementioned goods, he refused to return them or the value of the goods as he had promised to her client. Lawyer Al-Saleh said, “The defendant’s claim that he does not know the woman with whom he had reached an agreement to receive and sell the goods is a naive one that does not enter the mind and is not accepted by logic”. By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah, Arab Times Staff

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