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Wednesday , December 1 2021

‘Issue of bachelors residing in residential areas tops priorities’ – ‘Need to enforce law’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: A number of MPs affirmed that the issue of bachelors residing in residential areas tops the priorities of the Parliament’s Utilities Committee, reports Arab Times daily.

The MPs said the solution to this problem lies in enforcing the law on the violators, indicating the urgent need to establish new labor cities with the necessary utilities and roads connecting them to other cities.

Head of the Parliament’s Utilities Committee MP Abdullah Fahad said the case of bachelors living in residential areas reflects the disorder in the way the government deals with this phenomenon, stressing that the government has to start evacuating bachelors from the residential areas as per the law.

Meanwhile, MP Hamad Al-Harshani stressed the need to find alternatives such as establishing new labor cities, insisting that the government needs to study the reasons behind the problem in order to find the best solution.

In addition, a member of the parliamentary Utilities Committee MP Khalil Al-Saleh lamented that the government is not serious about solving this problem and is postponing the implementation of the law that bans bachelors from staying in residential areas. He also stressed the need to establish new labor cities

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