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Isidro, Mutawah remain in control in President’s Cup – Al Assaf, Al Sadoon both in second spot

FAST family pose for a group photo during the President’s Cup shooting tournament.
FAST family pose for a group photo during the President’s Cup shooting tournament.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 30: On the 2nd day of the President’s Cup competition, FAST VP Cesar Isidro showed that he is the shooter to beat and continues to shine in the Standard Division while Waleed Al Mutawah dominated the Professional Division as both shooters displayed accurate and steady shooting.

Taking the top position was Muath Al Assaf wherein he scored 145 points and 102 points on his second attempt. Second place is Malik Javed Iqbal who dropped his rank from last week wherein he scored 143 points, only 2 points shy away from the number one.

Majid Al Mulla took third place wherein he scored 136 points and 120 respectively during his attempts. Mohammed Al Shatti placed in fourth with 98 points and 93 points respectively.

Fawaz Al Anizi is currently on fifth overall tonight with 84 points followed by Ali Al Habib with 81 points and Allan Alinood with 55 points for sixth and seventh place.

Standard Category

FAST VP Cesar Isidro got a back-to-back win and is the current leader of the pack by displaying his perfect foot work and accurately hit all the targets and gotten the edge to finish first place.

He finished the course in 45.98 seconds and collected 14 Alpha, 5 Charlie and 1 Delta as the only shooter that got a perfect shoot performance and gave him 1.8704 hit factors.

Muath Al Assaf came in close and almost still the first place but could not do it because of the missed he got on one target with his second attempt. He finished the course in 45.65 seconds and collected 18 Alpha, 1 Bravo and 1 Mike for 1.8182 hit factors. His first attempt on the course was not quite good as he had 3 misses and 1 procedural error less than 42.43 seconds with 16 Alpha and 1 Charlie that gave him 1.0134 hit factors.

In third place is Malik Javed Iqbal who collected 16 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 1 Mike under 44.47 seconds that gave him 1.7765 hit factors that almost took first position on his second attempt but he had given it away because of the single miss he made. His first attempt gave him 2 procedural errors when he had hit the barricade and finished the course in 46.10 seconds with 18 Alpha, 1 Charlie and 1 Mike for 1.3666 hit factors.

From second spot last week, Lambert Bernardo dropped to fourth tonight as he had to sacrifice accuracy over speed. He finished the course in 37.45 seconds and in the process, he hits 12 Alpha, 4 Bravo, 2 Charlie and 2 Mikes that gave him 1.5487 hit factors.

Ali Al Habib has improved his current ranking from seventh place last week to fifth place wherein he had finished the course by clocking in 36.50 seconds and collected 12 Alpha, 5 Charlie, 1 Delta and 2 Mikes for 1.5342 hit factors.

In his second attempt, he tried to run a little faster from his first run but had to sacrifice on his targets as he finished the course less than 36.41 seconds that beats his first attempt time and collected 8 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 3 Delta with 2 Mikes and 1 procedural error that gave him 0.9338 hit factors.

Taking sixth place is Mohammed Al Shatti who had missed several weekly fun shoot had to adjust on his sight and target acquisition, nevertheless, he collected 12 Alpha, 4 Charlie, 2 Delta and 2 Mikes when he finished the course in 40.98 seconds and gave him 1.3177 hit factors for his second attempt. His first attempt was a little faster as he finished it under 39.23 seconds but had to miss 4 with 8 Alpha and 8 Charlie that gave him 0.6118 hit factors.

Majid Al Mulla sits in seventh place tonight and almost broke the fastest time recorded for his first attempt by clocking 36.90 seconds but had to miss 2 along with 2 procedural errors.

He collected a total of 12 Alpha, 6 Charlie and took 1.0298 hit factors. On his 2nd attempt, he finished the course in 47.79 seconds after collecting 14 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 3 Mikes for 1.0253 hit factors.

Armando Reyes took on the course and finished it under 39.55 seconds for his 2nd attempt but had to miss 3 during the process but still managed to get a good run by collecting 10 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 2 Delta that gave him 0.8597 hit factors that put him on eighth place.

During his first attempt wherein he finished it under 34.79 seconds hitting 9 Alpha, 1 Bravo and 2 Charlie but didn’t crossed over the position line as he had 8 Mikes and 1 procedural error.

Fawaz Al Anizi settled for 9th place and had a hard time hitting the targets as he collected 13 Alpha, 2 Bravo, 1 Charlie together with 4 Mikes and 1 procedural error and finished the course under 43.49 seconds and gave him 0.5519 hit factors.

In tenth place and last man standing was Jerico Corpuz who had a very difficult time adjusting to the scenario and although he had the fastest recorded time for 31.52 seconds, he really sacrificed accuracy for speed. He collected 8 Alpha, 3 Charlie, 4 Delta and 5 Mikes that gave him 0.0952 hit factors.

Mohammed Al Turkait with Allan Alinood didn’t cross the positive line as they came out short as both had trouble adjusting to the target and the course.

Al Turkait finished the course in 48.99 seconds and collected 11 Alpha, 2 Charlie with 7 Mikes and 1 procedural error while Alinood finished it with 42.66 seconds and collected 5 Alpha, 2 Bravo, 6 Charlie, 2 Delta and 5 Mikes with 9 procedural errors.

Professional Category

In the Professional Category, Waleed Al Mutawah showed again and again that he is the best in the Professional Division as he finished the course in 28.33 seconds and collected 17 Alpha and 3 Charlie for a 3.3180 hit factors that easily placed him on top.

Even in his second attempt, he was able to perform well as he closed the course with 26.64 seconds and with the same number of hits that improved his hit factors to 3.5285.

In second place tonight is Mohammed Al Sadoon who climbed from fourth place last week. He finished the course in 30.92 and collected 12 Alpha, 7 Charlie and 1 Delta for 2.6520 hit factors in his first attempt.

In his second and third attempts, he put up on speed by finishing the course in 27.51 and 28.89 seconds respectively after collecting 14 Alpha, 3 Charlie, 1 Delta, 2 Mikes and 1 procedural error and on the last try with 13 Alpha, 2 Charlie, 2 Delta and 3 Mikes that gave him 1.8175 and 1.4884 hit factors.

Ruben Rodriguez took on third place after finishing the course under 36.15 seconds and collected 15 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 1 Delta that gave him 2.4343 hit factors.

On his 2nd attempt, he is more focused on the target this time and collected 16 Alpha and 4 Charlie under 38.84 seconds that gave him 2.3687 hit factors.

FAST President Ronil Paul Garcia dropped to fourth place tonight as he clocked in 27.64 seconds, but had to sacrifice on his accuracy as he collected 10 Alpha, 7 Charlie, 1 Delta and 2 Mikes that gave him 1.8813 hit factors for his second attempt which is a mirrored result of his first attempt although he clocked in a little slow with 29.31 seconds that gave him 1.8083 hit factors.

Allen Payne joined the group tonight as he finished the course 68.77 seconds after collecting 13 Alpha, 1 Bravo, 2 Delta and 4 Mikes that gave him 0.4362 hit factors for his first attempt but improved his moves on his second attempt wherein he collected 13 Alpha, 4 Charlie, 2 Delta and 1 Mike this time for 1.4781 hit factors placing him in fifth place.

Fahad Al Sarheed didn’t go over the scoring line as he tried to run too fast for comfort and made several misses and a procedural error after collecting 9 Alpha and 3 Charlie in less than 33.77 seconds.

Precision Shooting

For the Precision Shooting Competition, each participant is given a target and will shoot the target at a distance of 10 meters and will be given 20 rounds of 9mm only.

The shooter will hit the target and scored accordingly by multiplying the number of hits per points and each miss will be a deduction of 10 points with limited amount of time to complete the course.

Practical Shooting

At the start of the competition, FAST President Ronil Paul Garcia briefed the competitors that safety was the priority of both the range and the organization and briefed them with the scenario. The course of fire was a bit difficult because there was an area where shooter has to move while engaging 4 targets and 2 of which are half hard covered. All targets were placed about 12 to 10 meters from the shooters. There were 2 plate targets, about 7 inches in diameter placed at 8 meters.

An aggregate scoring method is used to calculate the final score for each competitor with a bullet in Alpha earning 5 points, while in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 points and Delta 1 point. The time taken to complete the shoot plays a major part in the standing as the total score is divided by the time taken over the course to get the result.

The shooter will be penalized and 10 points deducted from the total score for procedural errors and hitting no-shoot targets, they can also be disqualified if they violate any gun safety handling rules.

This is the 2nd stage of the competition and as the winter season sets in, the heat is on within the competitors as they came in with high intensity and eagerness to capture the title.

Meanwhile, FAST officials have announced that all newcomers and members wishing to participate in the competition, which will last till the first Saturday of Dec. 3, 2016 and awarding will be on Dec 6 should come to the range ahead of time. Registration will begin at 6:00 pm; press call will begin at 6:30 pm and shooting will begin no later than 7:00 pm.

There will be a ‘dry run’ which aim is to ensure the newcomers safety as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition.

FAST officials invite everyone Tuesday evenings to the weekly fun-shoot competitions at 1800 hours. For details, on all FAST activities, contact Garcia on 66368018 and Isidro on 99530301 or look us up on Facebook ‘FAST – Kuwait’.

By Ronchie Dela Cruz – Special to the Arab Times

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