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Thursday , August 6 2020

Isidro, Al-Mutawah team up to take ‘Sure Hit’ titles – Rotap and Al-Sadoon end up in second place

FAST family pose for a group photo during the fun shooting tournament.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: Another windy and fun-filled action night with the FAST-Kuwait team as FAST VP Cesar Isidro is back in the driver seat together with Waleed Al Mutawah with another victory as they completed the ‘Sure Hit’ scenario.

Veteran Shooter Lambert Bernardo is fresh from his annual leave created another breathtaking action with a lot of help from other members who all came in early to set-up the scenario with the presence of Range Officer Tony to observe the safety positions of the targets and ensures the safety of everyone for the competition.

The scenario was set up where the targets are laid out in the target area barricaded and heavily covered, the shooter has to start at the right side of the range, one magazine is located in the center of the shooting area on top of a barrel, one magazine is holstered and upon the start of the shooting, the shooter will draw his gun and load the magazine and engage two targets at a distance of 10 meters and 12 meters respectively.

The shooter then has to run towards the center of the shooting area, engaged three targets in front at a distance of 5 meters and has to step back in order to get the second magazine and then has to move forward again to engaged two targets, one on the left and one to the right at 8 meters.

The shooter has to step backwards again and slide to the left to engage a target within a port hole opening and then going farther to his left to engage the last target at a distance of 8 meters.

It is a simple scenario but the shooter can only shoot the targets as long as they are inside the shooting area or charge line, the shooter has also needs to run backwards and be careful of where to point his aim or he might get disqualified for unsafe gun handling.

At the start of the fun-shoot, Bernardo brief and told all the competitors that safety was the priority of both the range and the organization and briefed them with the scenario after which, they gave each competitor a 5 minutes’ walk through the course of fire.

An aggregate scoring method is used to calculate the final score for each competitor with a bullet in Alpha earning 5 points, while in Bravo and Charlie brought 3 points and Delta 1 point. The time taken to complete the shoot plays a major part in the standing as the total score is divided by the time taken over the course to get the result.

The shooter can also get penalized and deduct 10 points from their total score if they received a procedural errors and hitting no-shoot targets, they can also be disqualified if they violates any gun safety handling rules.

If there is a malfunction of any of the range equipment during the competition, the shooter will be given or allowed to a re-shoot.

Standard Category

Isidro is back in the driver seat after he was sideline by Muath Al Assaf last week. He finally took charge this time and finished the course in 26.15 seconds as he collected 18 Alpha and 2 Charlie for a perfect shoot performance that has given him 3.6711 hit factors.

Dave Rotap continued to hang-on behind and starting to build confidence in himself as he finished the course in 23.47 seconds with another perfect shoot performance by collecting 13 Alpha, 5 Charlie and 2 Delta that gave him 3.4938 hit factors.

Fawaz Al Anizi completed the ‘Tough 3’ line-up, and moved up the ladder by placing 3rd tonight. He finished the course in 26.00 seconds flat with perfect shoot performance after hitting 14 Alpha and 6 Charlie that gave him 3.3846 hit factors.

Taking 4th place tonight was Muath Al Assaf, after a great victory last week, he could not go any faster as he finished the course in 29.62 seconds, if he had not backed up slowly that could chop off several seconds from his total time, he could have win the competition. Nevertheless, he recorded the highest hits as he collected 19 Alpha and 1 Charlie for 3.3086 hit factors.

On his 2nd attempt wherein he tried to run faster and finished the course in 25.38 seconds unfortunately, he had to sacrifice on his hit as he had 2 miss with 1 penalty for hitting the barricade and 18 Alpha that gave him 2.3641 hit factors.

Completing the ‘Magic 5’ line-up was Abdelrahman Abubakar, who continues to become steady with his shooting and tonight’s performance is great as he finished the course in 30.82 seconds and collected 16 Alpha, 3 Charlie and 1 Delta for 2.9202 hit factors.

6th place was Fahad Al Adnan, who is another shooter that is making a comeback after missing several fun-shoots with the group. He finished the course in 35.64 seconds and collected 18 Alpha and 2 Charlie for 2.6936 hit factors.

Last but not the least is veteran shooter Lambert Bernardo, who was a victim of his own petard tonight wherein he had 3 misses and earn one procedural error for hitting a barricade that drags his scores down. Nevertheless, he recorded the fastest time with 19.00 seconds and collected 12 Alpha, 1 Charlie and 4 Delta for a score of 1.4211 hit factors.

With the above results, only 7 shooters competed for the Standard Category wherein the line-up was made by Isidro, Al Assaf and Abubakar who were joined by Rotap, Al Anizi, Al Adnan and Bernardo to form the Magnificent 7 line-up.

Professional Category

Waleed Al Mutawah was back again on top as he captured another win under his belt with an outstanding performance and speed. He recorded the fastest time in the Professional Category with 17.50 seconds and collected 15 Alpha and 5 Charlie that gave him a whopping 5.1429 hit factors.

Mohammed Al Sadoon took 2nd place and had a great job in hitting the targets as he collected 17 Alpha and 3 Charlie for a perfect shooting performance under 20.57 seconds that gave him 4.5698 hit factors. On his 2nd attempt, he finished the course in 19.31 seconds with 14 Alpha and 6 Charlie for another perfect shooting performance that gave him 4.5572 hit factors.

Taking 3rd place was Abdullah Khaled who had a perfect ace record with 20 Alpha under 23.07 seconds. If he had run 4 seconds faster, then it will be easy for him to get the top spot. Nevertheless, he took 4.3346 hit factors and place him on the ‘Tough 3’ line-up.

FAST President Ronil Garcia was not in his normal form tonight as he didn’t usually miss the target but tonight, he had 2 mikes that dragged his scores down. He had completed the tasked in 17.63 seconds with 13 Alpha, 4 Charlie and 1 Delta for 3.2898 and the last shooter for the competition.

With the above result and 4 shooters participated in the professional category, the following shooters maintains their current standings as Al Sadoon and Garcia are joined by Khaled and the come backing Al Mutawah.

Meanwhile, FAST officials have announced that all newcomers and members wishing to participate in the weekly shoots should come to the range ahead of time for a “dry run” over the course.

The aim of this dry run is to ensure the newcomers safety as well as that of all those present at the range. Those newcomers who fail to turn up for this dry run will not be allowed to take part in the actual competition.

FAST-Kuwait are accepting new members and will announce the winners of their FAST League 2016 result and inviting all practical shooters out there to join them and be a part of their camaraderie and had a lot of fun for this sport.

For details, contact Garcia on 6636-8018 and Isidro on 99530301, you can also look them up on Facebook ‘FAST — Kuwait’ or email them at fastkuwait@yahoo.com.

By Ronchie dela Cruz

Special to the Arab Times

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