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Saturday , August 24 2019

Iraqi FM commends Kuwait for hosting reconstruction confab

PM Al-Abbadi hails ties with Kuwait

Iraq’s cabinet secretary with the Kuwaiti delegation

BAGHDAD, Jan 23, (KUNA): Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari said Tuesday that Iraq’s reconstruction conference, which will be hosted by Kuwait in mid-February, is “a great gesture” expressing his sincere appreciation to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. Al-Jaafari made his remarks during a meeting with a Kuwaiti media delegation visiting the capital Baghdad, adding that the conference will be a global humanitarian event. “Although Kuwait is geographically small, its influence on the international stage is quite prominent”, he said.

He said that the victory over the so-called Islamic State (IS) is a lesson for what can be achieved when the nations unite. He expressed hope that the Kuwaiti media will play a key role for the success of the conference. He stressed the need to strengthen the relationship between the Iraqi and Kuwaiti people, voicing hope that the State of Kuwait would continue its efforts to support Iraq.

He confirmed that the Iraqi government will offer big investment opportunities at the conference, stressing that the security situation is stable in Iraq and the government is doing its best to provide a stable environment for economic growth.

The Kuwaiti delegation includes Deputy Director General for Editorial Affairs and Editor- in-Chief of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Saad Al-Ali, Secretary of Kuwait Journalists Association Adnan Al-Rashid and senior officials in the Ministry of Information and Kuwaiti newspapers. The international donor conference to rebuild Iraq will be held from 12 to 14 February, chaired by the European Union (EU), Iraq, Kuwait, the UN and the World Bank.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar Al-Luaibi assured that Kuwait International Conference of Iraq Reconstruction which will be held in Kuwait on Feb 12th, will be a big leap forward and a chance for Iraq to open up to countries and big companies for investment.

On the sidelines of a meeting Al-Luaibi held with Kuwaiti delegation visiting Baghdad, he said the conference is important in bringing investments and capitals in all sectors for the reconstruction of the country.

Iraq is about to build huge projects and needs a suitable infrastructure for these enormous projects, he added, expressing the hope that the conference will be successful because of it being held in Kuwait. The minister clarified that cooperating with big and qualified reconstructing companies is needed for this process. “As you all know, Iraq have strong relations with Kuwait in the oil sector. Negotiations are now underway for new inviting plans in the field of natural gas with Kuwait,” he noted.

The Kuwaiti delegation who’s visiting Iraq is meeting with top government and political parties officials to discuss the reconstruction of Iraq conference. Kuwait will host an international conference from Feb 12 to 14 on reconstruction in parts of Iraq devastated by the war against the so-called Islamic State.

Donor countries and organizations are expected to announce financial contributions at the meeting. In the meantime, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi described on Tuesday bilateral relations with Kuwait as “basic”, calling for further boosting such relations in the economic and social fields. “The Kuwaiti-Iraqi bilateral relations witnessed a radical change, moving from the hostility phase following Saddam Hussain’s invasion of the country, to the brotherhood phase.” Al- Abbadi made his remarks during a reception of Kuwaiti media delegation, which is currently visiting Iraq. Al-Abbadi expressed his thanks to His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for hosting the upcoming Iraq reconstruction conference due to be held in Kuwait in February.

This Kuwaiti stance towards Iraq assured its people that it will always stand beside them, he affirmed. He called on the Kuwaiti investment companies to invest in Iraq, saying that his country took all the needed procedures to facilitate their mission in Iraq. The Iraqi premier welcomed the suggestions offered by the Kuwaiti delegation of offering investment licenses to companies taking part in the upcoming conference. The so-called Islamic State (IS) was only a result from the regional disputes, which formed a rich environment for attracting youth, he added. Iraq has succeeded militarywise in eliminating IS, while a number of sleeper cells are still haunted by the security forces. Iraq is not wishing that any other country would be struck by terrorism including Egypt and Syria. Meanwhile, Al-Abbadi said that he is not against the freedom of expression, but the social media nowadays are left with no boundaries or regulations, calling for a united Arab position to manage and control such technology.

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