Wednesday , February 20 2019

Iraq border quiet; Iran in demo probe – Slurs on Gulf

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12, (Agencies): There is not any abnormal gathering on the Kuwaiti- Iraqi border and trade movement is going on normally, said a senior Kuwaiti security official on Sunday. “The security situation on the border is good and all concerned sectors are doing their duties so efficiently,” Undersecretary of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior Gen Suleiman Al-Fahad said to reporters. Commenting on ongoing events in neighboring countries, Al-Fahad said: “What is happening in some neighboring countries are just domestic political conflicts with which Kuwait has nothing to do whatsoever.” Al-Fahad made the remark during a meeting with reporters and media figures at the Ministry of Interior. He called on mass media to spotlight the sacrifices and duties of security personnel, and to promote their significant role in fighting crimes and safeguarding national security and public safety.

He extolled the meeting as part of his ministry’s strategy to necessarily communicate with all mass media and to deliver them reliable and accurate information in full transparency. “The current regional circumstances require accuracy, verification and patience ahead of reporting any news about the security situation (in the country),” the senior security official urged.

Defending security measures, he said the Ministry of Interior is taking precautionary moves to “fortify” the internal front and to maintain national security and public safety. Al-Fahad emphasized that security crackdowns are being carried out nationwide in order to arrest potential lawbreakers. The Iranian demonstration at the Azadi (Freedom) Square in central Tehran did not go unnoticed because the those taking part are said to have hurled abuses at the symbols and leaders of Gulf states, including His Highness the Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, Al- Jaber Al-Sabah reports Al-Jarida daily.

This incident has invited the wrath of the highest authority in the Islamic Republic and the Office of the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei is said to have ordered the arrest and interrogation of the demonstrators. The sources said that the security services acting on orders from Khamenei has asked the Iranian television to provide them the video footage of pictures taken of the demonstrators, to identify them. The daily quoting sources said the file has been referred to the intelligence and not to the police because of the importance of the issue.

In the same context, the Public Prosecutor in Tehran issued orders at dawn yesterday to arrest the initiators of this offensive work, while a spokesman for Iranian Foreign Ministry issued yesterday evening a statement considering abuse of GCC leaders as something suspicious and an unwise action. The prosecutor added, these abusive acts are aimed at damaging “our good relations with the Gulf countries, especially Kuwait.” He stressed these abusive acts do not reflect the attitude of the government and the Iranian people. A source from the Foreign Ministry in Tehran said the cause of Iran’s rapid action centered on the issue of His Highness the Amir and the abuse hurled at his portrait.

The source stressed this behavior is irrational, especially since there is no problem or any kind of misunderstanding between Iran and Kuwait. However, the suspicions in this respect are many. The source added due to the importance of the issue, the Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Friday although it is a weekly holiday.

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