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Thursday , September 29 2022

‘Invalid arrest, search procedures lead to acquittal in drugs lawsuits’

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KUWAIT CITY, July 14: Several lawyers have warned about the spread of drugs in the country; pointing out that invalid arrest and search procedures led to the acquittal of many of those accused of possessing and trading in drugs, reports Al-Qabas daily. These lawyers stressed the need for quick solutions to curb the spread of drugs; indicating that majority of beating, theft, violence and murder cases are related to drug abuse.

Attorney Osama Al-Sanad emphasized the importance of taking the necessary measures to address this issue. He disclosed that courts deal with tens and hundreds of drug-related cases every month and many of these cases are linked to other crimes like beating, theft, violence and murder; adding that almost 20,000 drug-related cases were registered in 10 years.

He said the number of cases filed at the Drug and Liquor Prosecution reached 3,175 in 2021; in addition to 3,219 contraband cases referred to the Public Prosecution. He disclosed the number of drug and substance offenses registered in 2021 totaled 2,363 compared to 1,494 in 2020 and 2,133 in 2019. He attributed the spread of drugs among adolescents and young adults to several factors; including family disintegration, family’s failure to monitor the children or lack of attention to the details of their lives and changes in behavior that prompt them to engage in illegal activities and turn to bad friends. He underscored the need to prepare awareness and educational programs, which help families to focus on the behavior of their children in order to immediately correct any deviation before it gets worse.

He cited other reasons behind the spread of drug addiction; most notably the lack of centers for worthwhile activities and entertainment for all ages, in addition to the increase in prohibited activities like parties, yoga and concerts in hotels. Regarding the legal loopholes that lead to the acquittal of those involved in drug cases, Al-Sanad cited invalid arrest and search procedures as the main reason for the acquittal of many defendants in drug cases. He called on the police to enforce the law properly to ensure justice is served, considering the acquittal of such defendants encouraged them to repeat the same crimes.

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