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International ‘Property Rights Index’ shows Kuwait taking last place in the Gulf

UAE first among Arab countries

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 27: The most recent International Property Rights Index showed Kuwait taking the last place in the Gulf, 9th in the Middle East and North Africa, and 62nd in the world in terms of property rights by registering 5.490 points, with an increase in scores by 0.111- although it slumped one place compared to last year.

Report added Kuwait’s legal and political sub-index decreased by -0.02 to 5.171 with scores of 6.028 in Judicial Independence, 5.065 in Rule of Law, 4.999 in Political Stability, and 4.591 in Control of Corruption, while its Physical Property Rights increased by 0.271 to 6.822 points with scores of 6.037 in perception of Property Rights Protection and 8.803 points in Registering Property, and 5.626 points in Ease of Access to Loans.

The Intellectual Property Sub-index of Kuwait increased by 0.083 to register 4.479 points and 4.2 points in Copyright Protection, while information needed for classifying the sub-index of patent protection was not available. Meanwhile, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) came first among the Arab countries and 21st globally, while Qatar came second among the Arab countries and 25th globally.

Oman took the third place among Arab countries and 38th globally, Jordan claimed the 4th place in the Arab countries and 42nd in the world, Saudi Arabia came 5th among the Arab countries and 44th globally, Bahrain took 6th position among the Arab countries and 45th globally, while Tunisia came 9th among the Arab countries and 75th globally.

Also, Egypt took 10th place in the Arab countries and 77th globally, while Lebanon was 11th among the Arab countries and 108th globally, while Algeria came 12th among the Arab countries and 113th globally. With regard to the countries taking the first five places in the world, report mentioned Finland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and Singapore

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