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‘Interior’s decision to limit family visas taken after conducting many studies’

‘Decision inhumane’ allegations refuted

KUWAIT CITY, June 1: The Interior Ministry’s decision to limit family visas to the wife and children of expatriates residing in the country resulting in nonrenewal of visas issued to their fathers, mothers and siblings were taken only after conducting many studies.

Sources affirmed the ministry discussed these measures with different official bodies before finalizing its decision.

Sources denied allegations that the decision is inhumane, asserting the aim is organizational in nature. Sources pointed out the ministry will scrutinize each case individually and then take the appropriate step, indicating none of those covered by the decision and hold a valid residency permit will be deported.

Sources clarified the relevant sector will carefully look into the cases before renewing the residency permit. Sources added the objective is to determine the exact number of those on family visas (Article 22), apart from the wives and children of expatriates residing in the country.

Sources said residency permits will be issued to deserving applicants, while others will be given a grace period to modify their status or leave Kuwait.

Sources confirmed the new adjustments will be enforced, such as obligating those on Article 22 visa who are not the wives or children of expatriates residing in the country to obtain health insurance for them to undergo treatment in private hospitals if the need arises.

Sources revealed the ministries of Interior and Health held a series of meetings during which they discovered that the latter bears the medical expenses of a large number of elderly sponsored by their sons, stressing the State shoulders the health care cost which is high — estimated at millions of Kuwaiti dinars.

Sources added the health insurance will help reduce the workload in public hospitals and prevent squandering of medicines.

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