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Indians stealing, providing public satellite channels caught in Salmiya

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 13: Personnel from the Criminal Investigations Department headed by Acting Director-General Major General Mohammad Al-Sharhan have arrested a gang of Indians for trespassing into the basic broadcasting offices of a company and gave channels connection to a number of buildings in Salmiya illegally and earning KD 70,000 monthly.

The Criminal Investigations Department had received a report on the gang last Ramadan about the illegal activity in Salmiya.

The gang had allegedly connected 55 satellite channels owned by a local company to residential buildings illegally, a crime which falls under the category of piracy of intellectual property.

The sources said intensive investigations revealed the identity of three Indians who were active for the past 8 months and had allegedly made their headquarters in one of the residential buildings in Salmiya complete with broadcasting and decryption devices to penetrate the basic transmission of the authorized company.

The source added that tracking cables showed the Indians used the infrastructure of the Ministry of Communications to connect the services to the buildings and the gang paid some money every month to the caretaker of the building to keep their secret.

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