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Indian mugged – Four Kuwaitis driving recklessly arrested

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: An Indian expatriate was intercepted by two people driving a Dodge vehicle in Mahboula area and robbed of wallet and mobile phones.

The victim filed a case with officers in the area police station against the suspects and narrated the two men came down from a Dodge and physically assaulted him and fled the scene after stealing his wallet and mobile phones.

He provided details of the suspect to the officers, including the number plate of their vehicle. A case was registered to trail them.

Meanwhile, an Asian lady filed a case with officers in Jleeb Shuyoukh police station against a person who tried to snatch her handbag. She explained that the suspect ran away as she shouted for help. A case was registered.

One of the confi scated vehicles used by drifters
One of the confi scated vehicles used by drifters

Four Kuwaiti citizens were arrested and their vehicles, which did not have number plates, seized after the suspects were caught driving recklessly in Arifjan area. According to security sources, Ahmadi securitymen were patrolling various locations within Ahmadi Governorate based on instructions from Ahmadi Security Director Brigadier Abdullah Safa when they noticed a group of vehicles being driven recklessly.

They also noticed that the vehicles did not have number plates. When securitymen ordered them to pull over, they ignored the order and drove off on Desert Road.

Securitymen requested for backup and chased the speeding vehicles, eventually managing to stop them. They checked the details of the drivers to discover they are Kuwaitis. After issuing citations against the suspects, they were arrested and their vehicles were seized.

By Mishal Al-Sanousi Al-Seyassah Staff

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