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Kuwait: 25th March 2018 – After a long gap of 8 months, the Indian Bowling League – Kuwait returned with a much stronger line up of high potential bowlers, including Kuwait Federation and Ex-Federation Bowlers. The opening week saw very high scores. This is the first time IBL has held its 5 player Team league on a weekday, at the bowling alley at Cozmo Salmiya.

IBL, using the Kegel 41 feet oil pattern for its bowlers to maneuver to the pocket to get maximum strikes. As they are new to the pattern it will take a few days to adjust and we will see much higher scores.

Beginner’s stand a good chance of increasing their average under the new game format which has floating handicap. Bowlers between the averages of 100 to 160 can make best use of this system to increase their potential as well as will help the lower average teams to compete against the more advance teams.

A team consists of 5 players. Each team play 3 games with their opponent. The team with the Highest Total Pinfall for each game earns 25 pins as bonus to their pinfall total. And the team with a game of over 1150 pinfalls earns an additional 25 pins in that game. The team with total highest pinfalls for the 3 games is the winner and earns an additional 25 pins to move up in the single round robin standings.


Team briefing:

The Hammers vs Notorious 

The Hammers couldn’t keep up with their opponents. All three games were won by Notorious with a total pinfalls of 3281 their Win at the end of the game. The Hammers scored a total 2463 pinfalls with a blind player in their line up and couldn’t match the opponent scores.

Ministry of Electricity and Water Vs Team Cozmo

Cozmo team with seasoned bowlers take to the task of defeating their opponents Team MEW in total pinfalls of 3210. While MEW fought back and won two out of the three games with a total pinfalls of 3158.

AlQwassem vs Filipino Bowling Club –Kuwait (FBC-K)

Another Power team that has high precision bowlers. Played a very competitive game catch up with the FBC-K and scraping through managing to win 2 of the 3 games with a total pinfalls of 3177 and FBC-K with 3068.

Ministry of Environment of Public Authority (EPA) vs Distinct Alley

Distinct Alley one of top teams of the leagues, with the finest Filipino Bowlers in Kuwait. They managed to win all 3 games  against EPA. Distinct Alley are on the 2nd Position on the Standings after week 1. EPA ended with a total pinfalls of 2840 and their opponents with a total of 3304.

Bankers Vs Clash of Strikes

Newly formed Clash of Strikes get together in a team ready to battle the lanes with Winners of the Last Season Intermediate Group Bankers. Clash of Strikes came up with some very high scoring, winning bonus pinfalls after crossing 1150 twice in a row. Clash of Strikes currently are No.1 on the standings with a total pinfall of 3522 leaving the Bankers with a total of 3127.

Xtra Fun Vs Dangerous Dames (All Ladies Team)

The all ladies team with a mix of seasoned bowlers and upcoming amateurs. Gave Xtra Fun a hard time on the lanes. Dangerous Dames won 1 game and losing 2 to their opponents still advanced forward with overall total of 3131. Xtra Fun won 2 out of 3 and lost their overall to Dangerous Dames by just one pin.

It was an exciting day and a great feeling to be back. It was filled with lots of nostalgic memories of the eventful past seasons. All the cheering and a tremendous atmosphere makes league highlight the importance of the sport and the sporting spirit to our bowlers and all the future bowlers.

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