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Indemnity ruling in my favor, but GM/Owner keeps zero balance bank account

In July 2017, in the case regarding my indemnity the court ruled in my favor. The company’s general manager and owner withdrew all the money from the company account in the banks so that the court cannot retrieve the money from him. I tried 16 times submitting the copies in the court to get the money and they checked this account and he has kept it at zero balance.

He is in Kuwait and has transferred everything in his wife’s name and operating through that account. Kindly advise me on what I should do.

My lawyer is only interested in making money and I don’t know who to approach. Kindly reply and show me a way to get money.

Name withheld

Answer: You should contact the Criminal Sentences Execution Department located in Farwaniya area with a copy of the court judgement and they could be of help in making sure that the company pays you your indemnity as ordered by the court.

It is unfortunate your lawyer is not being of much help to you and as you claim is only interested in making you for more money. Since a lawyer can play a very effective role in handling the issue at the Criminal Sentencing Enforcement Department, we suggest that you contact the Kuwait Society for Human Rights who may get a lawyer to work for you on pro bono basis.

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