Friday , September 21 2018

Indemnity calculation for 3 yrs and 1 month of service (Resigned)

I resigned on June 18, 2016 (with a 3-month notice). By the end of my notice period I will have completed 37 months service. So I would like to know what will be my indemnity. My salary is KD 440.

Name withheld

Answer: We see that you will have completed over three years but less than five years service by the end of the notice period …this means that you will be entitled to 50 per cent of the indemnity as you are resigning.

The calculation of your indemnity will be as follows:

Service: 3 years 1 month Salary : KD 440

So, you are entitled to 15 days pay for each year of service = 46.25 days

( you must take into account the one month also and every extra month gives you 1.25 days)

But these 46.25 days must first be divided by 26 (working days in a month) = 1.78 months pay = 1.78 x KD 440 = KD 783.200

But as you have resigned with just over three years service you will get only half of this amount = KD 391.600

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