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Indemnity and Salary for terminated employee

I have been here in Kuwait for the past 4 years. Have completed my Masters in Business Administration post completion of Graduation Bachelors in Technology (computer science engineer). Would be glad if you could assist me on below scenarios. Have joined a company in August 2017, post probation period my residency has been transferred to that company. With the reason of restructuring the organization, management decided to terminate most of the employees.

Hence have got terminated on March 31, 2018, with the notice period of 3 months till June 2018. So, totally have worked for 11 months with that company including notice period.

Here are my queries,

1. Am I eligible for termination indemnity (for 11 months)?

2. Am I eligible for vacation salary..? (My vacation has been approved, before I leave they have terminated me so couldn’t move on for vacation.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, since your appointment has been terminated by the company, you are entitled to indemnity to be worked on the eleven months that you have spent with the company. In addition the company is enjoined by the labour law to pay you for the one month leave that you were unable to take because of the termination.

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