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Monday , November 29 2021

Increase in demand for educational “babysitters”

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 3: The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many concepts and situations. It does not depend on the economic, political, or even educational aspects. It has greatly brought about a change in the social reality, penetrated homes, and contributed to changing a situation that had remained stable for years, especially with the current trend in Kuwait to adopt distance education for all educational stages, starting with the kindergarten level and all the way to the university level, reports Al-Rai daily.

In the face of the repercussions of this pandemic on the economy, which was the most affected sector, and subsequent reduction of jobs and termination of the services of many people, a new profession has emerged in the market. It is known as “teacher sitter”, which is related to babysitting children at home and following up on their education, especially for those in the early educational stages.

Since parents are busy at work and children are staying at home, it was deemed necessary to think of a way to follow up on children who are at home. This led to the idea of “babysitter”, which has become highly popular especially with the switch to online education. The “babysitter” would be responsible for babysitting children and following up their online lessons, at a monthly salary of about KD 500.

This new job in the market replaces the phenomenon of private tuitions, which witnessed a significant decline with the adoption of distance education.

The turnout for attracting babysitters has started increasing recently, as the salary of a babysitter for a period of 12 hours has reached KD 25. During these 12 hours, she would take care of the child at home, provide assistance to him, organize activities and online lessons, prepare his meals, feed and take care of him, and organize creative and educational activities based on his age. The salary of a full-time babysitter ranges between KD 450 and KD 500 per month.

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