Monday , September 24 2018

ICM said planning to participate in coming elections

KUWAIT CITY, May 24: The Islamic Constitutional Movement intends to declare its participation in the coming parliamentary elections, reports Al-Rai daily.

Sources said the recent actions and statements of the leaders of the movement revealed their tendency to participate in the elections, adding that the movement faces a great challenge in convincing its supporters about the dramatic change considering it kept on stressing the boycott of elections in protest against the one-man onevote system.

Sources disclosed the movement is going to hold a consultative meeting soon and it will later announce its official decision on participating in the elections. Sources expect the movement to justify the change in decision by citing the widespread corruption and economic problems in order to win the hearts of supporters who backed out earlier.

Sources added majority of the members of the movement are willing to participate in the elections, indicating the movement will keep on opposing the economic reform of the government in order to gain more supporters by taking advantage of the citizens’ feelings over the economic reform actions.

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