IBAK holds tourney for trainees – 75 children competed for supremacy

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: Indian Badminton Association Kuwait (IBAK) recently organized an exclusive tournament for the IBAK trainees.

Seventy-five children competed for supremacy in three levels – the beginners, intermediate and advance — based on their age and skill acquired during their training.

The following were the winners: Level 1: Beginners, Category A: winner, Harini runner-up: Aishwarya and semifinalists Navya and Hanah

Category B: Winner: Rohan, runner-up: Adeesh and semifinalists: Adway and Skandan

Level 2: Intermediate, Category A: Winner: Naesha, runner-up: Neha and semifinalists Tarini and Janani

Category B: Winner: Jousha Oomen, runner-up: Carl and semifinalists Aadya Shine and Srinivas

Level 3: Advance, Category A: Winner: Crispin, runner-up: Jay and semifinalists Nityashree and Aditi

Category B: Winner: Varun, runner-up: Aidan Aneesh and semifinalists Dhruva and Niyati

Doubles: Winner Arden and Ajay, runners-up Samuel and Fiona and semifinalists Dhruva and Shreehari and Aidan and Nityashree

Best performers: Shruthi, Dhruthi (Beginners) Ciril (Intermediate) and Karthik (level 3)

IBAK, a pioneer in badminton in Kuwait, in association with Kuwait Badminton Federation (KBF) has been working towards achieving their vision to promote badminton in Kuwait.

To give the trainees exposures to competitive matches, IBAK frequently conducts matches to consolidate practical experience to the trainees. The competitive matches always help the trainees to learn from their mistakes and correct themselves in the future and learn to manage the match pressure.

After successfully finishing 12 coaching modules IBAK began a full time annual coaching program from September 2016. The success of the coaching program was evident when the junior team from IBAK took part in the GCC Junior tournament in Bahrain and was able to lift 23 trophies.

The closure of the tournament included detailed analysis by Dr Manimaran Chozhan, director of coaching, on errors made by the children during the tournament and how to correct the mistakes, focus on matches, right foot work, control of emotions etc, in order to learn and enjoy the game with a professional approach.

The IBAK Coaching Committee comprises Dr Manimara Chozhan, Chandrahas K.T., Ajaykumar Vasudevan, Ramesh Chandra, Prasad Thandasserry, Mohammad Sirajuddin, Pradeep and Yashin Bose.

IBAK continues its advanced, intermediate and beginners coaching at IBAK Gym Salwa, for enquiries and registration contact Ramesh Chandra @ 97889437 or Ajaykumar Vasudevan @99841336.

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