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Friday , December 13 2019

Husband on temporary visa (Article 14) – Want to renew dependent visa of wife

My husband and I are Pakistanis. My husband recently extended his residence for one month and I want to know whether he can renew my residence/visa too. My visa is going to expire in October. So can I get my visa renewed or transferred if my husband has his visa extended? His visa will expire in the last week of September.

Name withheld

Answer: If your husband got his residence extended for only a month, this means he is only on temporary residence.

In such cases, he can’t renew your residence while on temporary residence and will have to wait until he gets proper residence.

Please, however, remember that if your residence is about to expire and your husband has still not got his proper residence, he should also get an Article 14 (temporary residence) for you.

Such a step will prevent you from becoming illegal in the country and also save you from any fine.

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