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Husband abandons wife and child – Transfer of child’s residence to mother

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My husband’s company sent him to the UAE in October 2015 so he comes and goes but in December, he contracted another marriage without informing me. I found out about it when he returned in June 2016 to renew my son’s residence.

When I asked him, he divorced me verbally and then he went back to Dubai. Since he did not reply properly regarding the residence of my son, I asked him again to do it. The last time he came was in December 2016 and he has not returned since then. He had earlier asked me to transfer my son’s residence under my sponsorship but I also joined another company and my work permit is still in process while my son’s residence expired on June 17, 2017.

One month ago, my husband said he will no longer return to Kuwait and I asked him to come back but now his phone is switched off. Through his friend, he sent me a message saying he cannot come back so I have to transfer my son’s residence under my sponsorship. My salary in my new residence is KD 550. I have to transfer my son’s residence because nobody will take care of him in India and his father has abandoned us totally but I do not know the transfer procedures.

Answer: Even though under the laws of Kuwait, it is only the man who can sponsor the children as dependents, sometimes an exception is made to the rule for the woman to sponsor the children. This exception is normally made on compassionate grounds, and we believe your case falls within this exemption rule. Having said this, we advise that you seek audience with the Director- General of the Immigration and put your case before him. We believe you will be given a favorable hearing to enable you to transfer your son’s residence under your sponsorship. We wish you the best of luck.

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