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Hungarian Rhapsody – Performed by HUNGARIAN STATE FOLK ENSEMBLE

The rhapsody as the classical European musical genre is best characterized by a state of constant anxiety, a passionate oscillation of sentiments and thoughts and of freedom of expression. Rooted in and inspired by tradition “Hungarian Rhapsody” is a unique dance rhapsody displaying the most characteristic features of the genre.

The dynamic variation of scenes illustrate the diversity of Hungarian rural culture: the acrobatic dances of men, the lyrical dances of women and the virtuosity of the couple dances. Dances are accompanied by the most beautiful tunes of Hungarian folk culture, which are also presented in the form of breath taking solos and captivating instrumental intermezzos.

The production is not only an artistic experience, a virtuoso attraction, a touching lyrical piece with deeply emotional musical richness but it is also the deepest esteem for our folk dance and folk music traditions and a performance that opens new possibilities for the modern person and that can be the conveyor of emotions and thoughts, and of the expression of the individual and community identity. Magyar verbunk és friss

Crook and bottle dance


Mail Dance and Csárdás

Shepherd songs — presented by the orchestra — solo : Milán Hetényi

Girls’ Whirling

Jaw Harp Dance

Cymbalo variations — presented by Ferenc Zimber

Girls in the Spinning House

Skilful Lads

Violin virtuosos — presented by the orchestra


Presented by: the Dancers and the Orchestra of the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble

Solo singer: Milán Hetényi

Leader of the orchestra: Ferenc Radics

Dance Instructor:              Richarrd Kökény

Dance Assistants: Beatrix Borbély, Katalin Jávor, György Ágfalvi

Artistic director:                István Pál Szalonna

Director: Gábor Mihályi


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