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Thursday , October 17 2019

Huge quantities of liquor, drugs seized in last year raises authorities concern

KUWAIT CITY, April 22: The quantities of drugs and liquor seized in Kuwait during 2018 have seen an unprecedented rise which is a cause for concern for the concerned authorities, reports Al-Qabas daily.

An informed source said a total of 1,489 kilos of drugs were seized by the authorities, including 1,264 kilos of hashish, 61 kilos of shabu, 2 kilos of opium, 69 kilos of marijuana, 1,250 kilos cocaine, 27 kilos heroin, 41 kilos qat, 24 kilos chemical, 26 million narcotic tablets and 49,000 bottles of alcohol.

The same source said there have been intensive contacts with the Iraqi and Iranian border police but the absence of tight control from the Iraqi side has been exploited by the professional smugglers as a result of which Kuwait has been affected.

The source added the waterways of Kuwait overlap Iraq and Iran and has become a point of activity for organized gangs. The source pointed out despite the hi-tech devices used by the customs officers at ports to detect all kinds of narcotic substances, the seizures clearly indicate there are loopholes at Kuwait’s

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