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Thursday , October 1 2020

How to avail Birth Certificates for those born in Kuwait

Both of my children were born in Kuwait and I also got their birth certificates from here. Now I seem to have misplaced these documents and need them for my children’s admission to a local school. What is the procedure to get a duplicate birth certificate for a child born in Kuwait. Will I face any difficulty?

Name withheld

Answer:We have answered similar questions a number of times over the years but just in case you missed the procedure we detailed we will again answer the question for the benefit of all our readers.

This is a simple procedure and you won’t face any difficult in getting a duplicate (or a True Copy as the Ministry of Health calls) of the birth certificate.

This service is provided by the Ministry of Health and allows citizens, residents and visitors to get a True Copy of the birth certificate as a replacement for a lost or damaged certificate.

To get this certificate the applicant or his agent must visit the Central Registry (located in Maidan Hawally) for the Births and Deaths Department of the Ministry of Health and submit the following documents:

■ Applicant’s personal identification (Civil ID, nationality certificate or passport)

■ Copy of the birth certificate, if available.

In case no copy of the birth certificate is available, the birth date and location and the birth certificate issuing center must be known.

There is a fixed fee of KD 2 and after submission of the above documents you will be given a date to collect the certificate. It is also possible that if there is no rush, you might be able to get it immediately.

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