Hospital forcing me to transfer residence within one month

I’m from Romania. I work in a local hospital as a technician and have completed my 3-year contract. The hospital has decided not to renew my contract, and the last day will be Dec 25, 2016. My passport will expire in 2020, while my residence will expire on 13-8-2017. Now they are forcing me to transfer my residence within one month. Is this correct? What’s your advice?

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Answer: No, this is not correct. In fact the company has to give you enough time to transfer. It can’t ask you to transfer before the end of the notice period. After the notice period it has to give you enough time. In fact, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor allows you stay on the residence of the old company during the probation period with the new company. If your company keeps bothering you just file a complaint with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor through the Labor Office in your area.

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