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‘Hold’ on loss of citizenship

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 20: The Fast Track Administrative Court on Sunday suspended the decision of the Cabinet to withdraw the citizenship of 43 members of a single family, including some officers. It then set a session for Jan 15, 2017 to look into the case.

Earlier, it was affirmed that the decision to withdraw citizenship from the plaintiffs and appealing against are not sovereign mandates as they are part of the jurisdiction of the Administrative Court. According to the verdict, the legislator did not specify sovereignty of the judiciary so the courts are mandated to determine legal description of the action taken by the government — to determine if it is a sovereign action or not.

It pointed out the withdrawal of citizenship contravenes the law and the citizenship cancellation is presumed to be withdrawn considering the citizenship is by birth (father) and those who acquired it through lineage which is the core of the case, as the allegation is that the citizenship was acquired fraudulently but the government failed to present evidence

. Meanwhile extolling the verdict, Second Constituency candidate Attorney Khaled Ayed Al-Enezi described it as historical since it is not permissible to threaten or take revenge on any citizen through withdrawal of citizenship.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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